A Farce

We speak continuously of our united stance, Calling it beyond all divisions and borders. However, this occurs only on specific days, The others are simply filled with countless horrors. Colour,race,class and belief, We stand and live divided by. An attempt to bring us together , Is rejected with a mere hue and cry. We try […]

A Bunch of Thoughts.

We say that the world’s happenings are disturbing, We forget that it’s because of thoughts and actions unnerving. It’s a result of the work of an idle mind, One that does not find itself fit to follow the usual grind . It is the plant that has grown from dauntless thoughts , Especially those fed […]

One Human Desire .

What does it take for us to be satisfied Well I’d say, we want to be recognized. What’s worse is when that gets stolen, By another, leaving you forgotten. Doesn’t it feel extremely pathetic , To be beaten by copy and mimic. You are left feeling terribly wronged, While your heart screams for justice’s gong. […]


The inky sky sprawled above her head. And the howl of the wind filled her with dread. And then she noticed him. A man wearing a suit pitch black And a dazzling smile That made her body go slack. She had fallen for him at first sight, and His acknowledgement filled her with delight. They […]

The Uncomfortable Silence.

Touch can do such things you know, feeding trauma that is, Touch can make you uncomfortable ,even the slight brush against your shoulder. Touch can leave you rubbed raw and reeling. A myriad hands commit the touch, The ones of those that nurtured us,those that promised to hold us in them tenderly,those that are tied […]